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43rd Annual Schwaben Men's Soccer Tournament
July 14th and 15th , 2012.

Entry fees are:
6 Women Teams - $285.00 per team
6 Over 30 Men's Teams - $285.00 per team
12 Men's Open Teams - $385.00 per team (prize money for 1st and 2nd place) 

Mail Check's -correspondence and entry form to Karl Braun. Check's payable to:  Schwaben AC. 1806 W. Diversey Pkwy, Unit O, Chicago, IL. 60614. email:   Cell 917-657-5692.


 2012 Schwaben AC Tournament Rules

Team Registration and Players Rosters
· Rosters will consist of 22 players maximum, 18 players may dress per game.
· Players must be registered with their participating club (using an unregistered player is cause for forfeit).
· Each team is allowed to sign four (4) secondary players with a valid club ID pass.
· Players may play in both divisions (one team per division)
· Players may only be rostered with one (1) team in each age bracket for tournament.
· Players may not play for multiple teams within the same age bracket.
· Printed Roster forms for the Tournament must be filled out and submitted prior to first game.
· Roster forms are frozen upon the start of teams first game, no changes will be allowed.
· Please allow time before first game to check in with tournament officials. 

Tournament Scoring and Tie-Breaking
 Points: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss.
Group Tiebreaker (in order of recognition):
1. Head-to-Head
2. Greatest goal differential for all three (3) games. (max 4 per game)
3. Most goals scored (max 4 per game)
4. Fewest goals allowed
5. Penalty Kicks
In the event 3 teams are tied, the tie-breakers will be applied until one team is eliminated.
We will then go back to the first tie-breaker and apply the rules again with the two remaining teams in sequence until a winner can be determined.
The tournament staff may change the semi-final bracketing of teams, so that two teams that have already played will not have to play again until the final.
Over 30 Division top two teams from each grouping advance to knock out bracket
Over 30 Division will have two (2) Wild Card teams based on the Highest Point total based on above criteria


For any team that forfeits a game on Saturday the maximum amount of points will be awarded to the other team. (3-0 Win)
Any team that forfeits a game may not advance to the quarter final, semi final or final round.

Offsides Rule
Games shall be played without offside rule in effect. 

A player receiving a red card shall be banned from the next tournament game. Two yellow cards in the same game carry the same penalty. Single yellow card will not carry over to the next game.
The Tournament Committee may increase a suspension if it is warranted; for Red Cards or Unsportsmanlike Conduct.
The throwing of a punch is automatic removal from the tournament.
The Tournament Committee has the right to remove any player, team or spectator from the Tournament Grounds.
Any spectator entering the field of play will be immediately removed from the Grounds.
Note: We reserve the right to deny participation in the tournament if a traveling team has not submitted their state permit.
Note: No Pets are allowed on the Schwaben Center grounds


Friday July 9th
Six (6) Over 30 teams will play a match that will be on of their three qualification matches.
See Saturday Bracket schedule

Saturday July 10th
Teams will be divided into four (4) groups of four (4) teams (See: Saturday Bracket Tab)
Each team will play three (3) qualifying matches against teams within their respective group, with the top two (2) team s advancing to knock-out rounds
〈 O-30 division games are 2 x 20 minutes games without intermission
〈 Men’s division are games 2 x 25 minutes games without intermission

Sunday July 11th
Top two (2) teams from each group on Saturday will be placed in knock-out bracket (See: Sunday Bracket Tab) according to seeding and begin single elimination contests.
〈 O-30 games will be 2 x 20 minute with two (2) minute intermission
〈 Men’s games will be 2 X 25 minute games with two (2) minute intermission
Any Knock-out match ending in tie after regulation will immediately move to penalty kicks in accordance with FIFA rules. 

Prize Money:
Prize money for Men’s Division Winner- $1,000
〈 Prize money for Men’s Division Runner-up- $500
〈 Prize money for Over 30 Division Winner- $500
〈 Prize money for Over 30 Division Runner-up- $250
〈 Prize money for Over 30 Semi Finalist $125 per team


 The tournament committee reserves the right to:
1. Reschedule, relocate or terminate games due to weather conditions. If ½ of the game has been played before termination for weather
conditions or tournament director decision, the game stands as a completed match and is scored accordingly.
NOTE: the Referee or Tournament Director may suspend a game without necessarily being terminated.
2. Reduce by up to half, the duration of the game.
3. Cancel a preliminary game that has no bearing in deciding the group winner.
4. Decide the final tournament standings, trophy winners.
5. Move penalty kicks to another field or area in order not to hold up other games.
6. The tournament director has the right to change any of these rules or make a decision that would be in the best interest of the participants.
7. The judgement of the Tournament Committee is final

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