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General InformationAbout Us    November 14, 2018



The Schwaben Athletic Club has been in existence in the Chicagoland area since 1926. During these years, Schwaben has produced many fine youth and adult teams at all competitive levels. We maintain four of our own soccer fields in Buffalo Grove with concessions and practice facilities for our teams and competition.

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MIssion Statement
Soccer played as a competitive sport needs specialized training, aimed at improving performance systematically and methodically. Furthermore, soccer is a sport which involves player development and competition over a longer period of time. This program will provide each player with the opportunity to develop into the best soccer player he/she can be, and promote the game through:

• Professional coaching and training.
• Consistent year round work.
• Commitment to excellence.
• Playing the best competition available.

The main purpose of the Club is to promote soccer education and player development.

Team Members: Attendance at all practices / games / tournaments indoor and outdoor.
Parents: Support Schwaben soccer program / club functions / financial responsibilities.
The highest level of sportsmanship and conduct is expected of Schwaben Team Members and Parents at all times.

Develop appropriate habits and attitudes necessary for successful soccer performance.

Enhance the development of the necessary technical skills by placing emphasis on correctly practiced techniques within the context of age appropriate exercises, practice games, small sided and competitive games.

Develop soccer intelligence by delivering knowledge for the game during every practice and match. By continuous improvement of players' communication skills, field awareness, and abilities to make correct decisions.

Develop effective teamwork for efficient team performance.

Team Member
The players for each age group are selected during open tryouts by the Schwaben Coaching Staff based on skill level and commitment to soccer. There may be more than one team per age group.

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